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Earn More, Work Less, Enjoy Life.

Join ABN Financial and implement our plan to help you grow your insurance business and have a life with your family.


Trying to Grow Your Life Insurance Business is Overwhelming

If you don't have a plan . . .

  • Revenue stalls or (worse) dips

  • You waste time and money chasing ideas that don't work

  • You guess instead of following a process

And that leads to sleepless nights and feeling constantly overwhelmed. We don't want that for you. The ABN Financial Group has given life insurance agents a process for growing revenue and get out of the weekly grind of trading time for money.

Alex Abuyuan

Founder ABN

Benefit #1

Start selling life insurance and annuities to consumers in a profitable way,

Benefit #2

Add estate planning using our proprietary software platform which will lead to other products and referrals.

Benefit #3

Finally add tax strategy planning to your practice and watch the revenue per client go through the roof!

Introducing the Fix For Your Problems

What most financial services professionals need is a mentor and a proven process to help them grow their business. What most do is fly by the seat of their pants getting random tips from Facebook or worse yet from an upline manager just trying to sell them leads. Learn how we can fix your problems.


Why Work With Us?

No other company, IMO, or agency has assembled the combination of products and services that will develop you from being a transactional life insurance agent just selling policies to survive to a trusted advisor that will help your client like no other agent can or ever has. You become their advisor for all their end of life needs and how to ensure all their assets are distributed to their beneficiaries, bypassing probate, in the manner they wish after they are gone. If they are a business owner, you will be the key reason for them to reduce their taxes by hundreds of thousands of dollars every year while diverting that money to enhancing their retirement situation leading to huge commission opportunities.

Insurance Products

We have partnered with 49 carriers providing every type of life insurance product imaginable: term, whole life, indexed universal life etc.

Retirement Planning

We have the right products to help a client plan for retirement: tax free retirement through IUL's and indexed annuities.

Financial Planning

We are partnered with an RIA which would give your clients access to mutual funds and other securities which you don't have to be licensed in to receive compensation but more importantly providing other tools to help them grow their wealth.


We are partnered with all the major Medicare supplement and Medicare advantage carriers out there to further help your client navigate the confusing waters of Medicare when they hit 65.

Tax Strategy Planning

Help your clients with our unique service that will help them reduce their taxes and divert this money to enhancing their retirement planning and financial valuation for their company.

Grow Your Business Footprint

You cannot do it all by yourself if you want to grow revenue into the seven figure range that will continue without you. We have the plan to help you tap into growing your business nationwide and enjoy the fruits of true financial freedom and lifestyle.

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What Our Team Members Say

Listen to what our team members have to say about working with the ABN Financial Team


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What We Are About

Here are some aspects of our program that should be important to you.

Who We Are

What We Do

How We Do It


Leading With The Best Tax Advisor Team.

The opportunity to be the sole "go to" advisor to help clients with reducing their tax burden to the IRS while bolstering their retirement planning in a huge way is like no other. What's the most incredible thing about this is that you don't have to be the expert. All you have to do is set up a 30-minute discovery call for your client with us and you will be well on your way to earning huge commissions with the products that implement these tax strategies. There are huge residual commissions that can be earned with these products. Make sure to set up an interview to learn more about this highly lucrative opportunity.

Tax Reduction Solution

Our flagship Tax Reduction Plan opens the door to real savings by leveraging the tax code to its fullest potential. If you are running a successful business, there is a high probability of over-payment. Some solutions include Defined Benefit Plans, Enterprise Risk Management, and Accelerated Property Depreciation just to name a few.

Capital Gains Planning

Proper planning and coordination with a variety of legal and financial professionals provides a fairly complex playbook to defend against capital gains and transfer taxation. It is common for a business owner or investor to take a reactionary posture when considering the sale or transfer of a highly appreciated asset.

Time is an issue and though it may not completely eliminate

all the plays in our playbook, it certainly restricts the majority of legal and financial structures commonly used to address these expenses. Giving our team 3-5 years notice allows the proper amount of runway in order to time, combine, and sequence a myriad of financial positioning to ensure maximum results are achieved.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ design here.

Business Growth Planning

Words like ‘risk’ and ‘valuation’ probably sound much more acceptable to you when they are partnered with ‘risk mitigation’ and ‘increasing valuations’. It is for these reasons that we do not just focus on tax strategies in our comprehensive tax planning process. Because your client's goals and dreams are unique we have built a Business Growth Planning platform that allows us to meet them where they are at in their growth phase. And along the way we will make the necessary adjustments that they require to stay on course to meet and exceed those goals. Even when growth meets retirement.


Leading with the best Estate Planning Software Solution.

You now have the ability to provide your clients with a fully featured estate plan using our proprietary software platform. This includes the revocable living trust, pour-over will, financial and healthcare powers of attorney, living will and advanced directive and much much more.

Your relationship with the client will grow exponentially as their trusted advisor and your ability to review their entire financial and asset picture will further enhance your ability to serve them.

The Revocable Living Trust

Having a revocable living trust can be a great way to make sure estate plans are carried out in the manner you wish.

This type of trust gives clear instructions on where your assets should go, who should have access to them, and what will happen in the event of an unexpected illness or death.

It is important to note that it also allows you to modify or dissolve the trust if needed.

In addition, one could create a living will, a financial power of attorney, as well as other documents depending on your estate plan.

These can provide legal protections and peace of mind while you are still alive.

Ultimately, having a revocable living trust can provide clarity and security for those who want estate planning done ahead of time.

Here is a short video on estate planning: https://bit.ly/epdocsoverview

Living Will and Advance Directive

Let’s talk about how a living will and advanced directive are essential estate planning documents that every adult should have.

A living will is a document that allows a person to set out their wishes for end-of-life medical treatment, while an advanced directive appoints another person, such as a family member or healthcare surrogate, to make decisions on the individual’s behalf if they become unable to make such decisions for themselves.

Additionally, many estate planning attorneys also recommend setting up additional estate planning documents such as a revocable living trust and financial power of attorney to ensure all estate planning needs are covered.

Without these important estate planning documents in place, important decisions concerning healthcare and finances could be left in the hands of strangers or family members who do not necessarily understand or know what the individual would have wanted.

Learn more about this important aspect of estate planning from this short video: https://bit.ly/epdocslivingwilladvdirective

Financial and Healthcare Powers of Attorney

Another important aspect of our estate planning process is establishing a financial and healthcare power of attorney.

A healthcare power of attorney allows the person you designate to make decisions about your medical care if you are unable to do so due to an accident, illness, or other situation.

It is also important to have a financial power of attorney in place in order to ensure that your finances stay secure - this might be particularly useful if the person designated as your healthcare power of attorney also handles estate planning tasks such as bill payment.

With estate planning comes peace of mind, knowing that all possible scenarios are covered thoughtfully and deliberately.

Here is a short video on the healthcare power of attorney: https://bit.ly/epdocsfinancialhealthcarepoa

School Teacher Retirement Review Preset Zoom Appointment System

If you are sick and tired of dialing leads, and doing small little premium policies, and grinding with no time with your family, then this is the perfect program for you. We set you up with preset appointments on your calendar to do retirement reviews with schoolteachers. We teach you how to run the 2-step appointment process and how to find the IUL and Annuity opportunities. You will write much larger premiums with policies that will stay on the books! Watch this short video overview of the system:

Spanish Speaking Indexed Universal Life (IUL) Leads

We have a new lead system for Spanish speaking bilingual agents for clients that are looking to purchase and IUL insurance product. We are seeing a lot of success with this program.

Estate Planning Seminar System to Get You In Front of Clients with Assets

How it works

This program is designed to get you in front of clients with investable assets using the theme of estate planning. We have one of the top estate planning seminar systems to get you in front of 60 buying units that have investable assets. You will learn how to run a proven seminar that will lead the clients to a one on one meeting with you. When you close the client, you will make $500 for the estate plan, and then when the estate plan is completed you will book a final trust funding meeting to review all their assets to see if you can find ways to improve their portfolio.

Success Rate

The agent that is teaching his system booked seven seminars last year in St Louis and closed $16.8MM in annuities. He wrote 157 estate plans for another $78,500 in additional commission which more than paid for his marketing expenses of $36,540.

Success Stories

Example of One of the Seminars (audio)

Why Wait - You Cannot Afford Any More Delays To The Financial Future You and Your Family Deserve?

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Our vision is to make an impact in the world through providing the best financial, estate planning and tax planning services to our clients in order to maximize and add value to their lives.

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