We Will Help You Sell More

Insurance On Less Time

And Zero Leads

Get More Sales From Unlimited Leads Bringing Your Lead Investment Down to $0 In Just 90 Days

  • Get rid of that sick feeling in your stomach because you don't know where your next sale is coming from.

  • Stop the insanity of working six days a week, booking 40 appointments a week, spending $1000 to $2000 in leads, and not seeing your family.

  • Get free from your insurance "job" and declare your independence to run your life they way you want.

  • Never worry about your retirement program again, knowing you have your retirement fully funded so you can retire when you want with the lifestyle you want.

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What we offer:

1: Top Training: We only teach you from people who have done it and are currently doing it. One of our mentors issued paid over $400,000 in target premium last month. (and wrote $1.4MM in target premium and $1.9MM in annuities during COVID last year from March to Dec 2020 on 122 client engagements. Imagine getting advice from him!

2: Fresh Leads: While we have all the lead vendors everyone else has (and a few more they don't), we also teach you how to wean yourself off of leads and work purely in a referral environment without having to pull teeth.

3: No Fees: No cost for training. No costs for the back office CRM.

4: Vested Renewals: Fully vested renewals from day one.

5: Top Carriers: 27 top carriers for life and annuities, 15 medicare carriers.

6: Pathway To Large Case Solutions: Anyone can write a $75/mo final expense policy but we teach you how to write the $25,000 - $100,000 AP IUL's on the quality clients. We have a career path for you.

7: Turnkey Agency Building System: We have a proven system with our recruiting lead funnels that will help you build your agency in a super efficient way, developing large override incomes where you can work your way out of the field full-time.

Real People.

Making Real Money.

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